Wim Bosch : visual art / photography

Wim Bosch lives and works in Groningen, the Netherlands

Man has developed a range of strategies in his desire to keep a grip on his existence.
It is this intrinsic quest for security, certainty, and interaction with space and time,in a society that is constantly subject to change, which
particularly interests me. This desire manifests itself, for example, in the organization of our immediate environment, and in the arranging and
rearranging of information and objects. It seems, especially in our part of the world, that the need to plan and, above all, control our existence
is becoming increasingly pervasive. In my work, I show this constructed reality as a backdrop and it is my intention to expose its artificiality and
My paintings from the 1990s already used architectural/background elements or interiors, and in all of my work I have always explicitly chosen to
work with what is close at hand and familiar to us. In addition to our clothing, our home or residential environment is what surrounds us daily. In
my earlier paintings, and the photographs I make now, the intention is to disrupt this familiarity – scraping and sanding the varnish of the well
known. The human form is lacking in much of my recent work, and when it is present, it is only partly visible and never more important than the
environment in which it is located.

note : The importance in every artwork is what it reveals and what it hides and the tension between the two (Bruce Nauman)


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